Bennett Samuel Lin Full-Stack Web Developer • iOS Developer • Music Theorist

About Me

Hi, I'm Bennett. I have two years of combined experience as an iOS and full-stack Web developer, with a background in music theory and composition.

I'm interested in full-time opportunities in the Greater Seattle or Greater Los Angeles metropolitan areas, as well as contract positions that might lead to steady work in the long term.

Full-stack Web
  • jQuery, Ajax, AngularJS
  • Node.js, Express.js, Sails.js, Ruby on Rails
  • SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Git, GitHub, deployment to Heroku
  • some experience with D3.js and Three.js
  • Agile methodology
  • test-driven development with RSpec
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Five apps in the App Store
  • Objective‑C and Swift
  • Interface Builder and Auto Layout
  • Core Data, Core Location, Map Kit
  • Core Audio, AV Foundation, Sprite Kit
  • concurrency, Grand Central Dispatch, pre-ARC
  • test-driven development with XCTest
  • object-oriented programming

My Portfolio

My music background informs my progress as a developer. As a composer and performer, I practiced diligently to master a few specialized skills. As a theorist, I sought cross-disciplinary understanding that required continuous overview of the bigger picture.

Similarly, I find that programming concepts and design patterns become clearer to me as I recognise them in their various JavaScript, Ruby, and Objective‑C guises. This in turn allows me to dive deeper into the intricacies and idiosyncracies of any given one of these languages and its related frameworks.


Ruby on Rails

Multidimensional Realms


Bobtail Method

Express.js, Node.js











Contact Me

If you think I might be a good fit for your team, I would love to chat with you. Please send me an email!